Business Start-up Services & Consulting

You may utilize Optimum's collective years of experience in
Finance and Philippine Government Compliance and Practices
Optimum has vast experience in the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model where we help our clients build talented and scalable teams, manage their business processes and eventually help them build their captive entity here in the Philippines by managing their start-up process.

Our project management consultants allow you to focus on cementing a strategy for your business as we manage the nuances of starting up your operations in the Philippines. Our business startup services include the following:

  • Business Structure Management
  • Business Licensing Requirements
  • Tax Planning Consultation
  • Office Space Management & Procurement Services
  • Talent Acquisition and Selection
  • Accounting & Finance-related Services
  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Design


Optimum will assist you in initiating and facilitating your acquisition and assist you in structuring your purchase to legitimately minimize your tax obligation.

We can also help you source new investment opportunities and work on a list of companies, for sale, in the Philippines, based on your specific acquisition criteria ( company revenue, business operations, ownership structure, employees, etc. ).

We source through:
  • Traditional Business Information Services.
    (SEC, DTI, Business Chamber of Commerce)

  • Direct Industry Research
    This includes Trade Publications, Industry Associations and other sources.

  • Network of Contacts
    We are well-connected with executives and top management of companies from various industries.

Build – Operate – Transfer

BUILD OPERATE AND TRANSFER (BOT) is our contractual arrangement, with our client, where we undertake the set-up of a given facility, the hiring of staff and the operations & maintenance. We will operate the facility over a fixed term after which, we will transfer the facility & operations to our client.

This eliminates operation slowdown because of execution problems related to unforeseen country challenges or risks.

The Benefits of BOT

Initial Cost savings of normal operational cost
  • Operations set-up through the utilization of Optimum’s knowledgeable management resources specifically on government rules and regulations.
  • Lower set up cost
  • Ability to make a Rapid scaling of operations
  • Direct control on hiring and retention of personnel
  • Reduced time of operations
  • IT infrastructure procurement
  • Cultural transition and Security.

The Optimum BOT Process

Setting up a Company
  • Optimum has an extensive experience in setting up Philippine companies.
  • Optimum’s team of accountants are well versed in all aspects of Philippine Taxation and Business Law.
  • Our Recruitment team will prequalify and hire your Philippine Team.

  • Utilize our experience in International and US Accounting, Banking and Logistics and offshore projects and accounts. We have worked on several client accounts for over 15 years.
  • Our IT Consultants are experienced in recommending solutions and systems that help increase the efficiency of our Client’s business process.
  • We will provide HR, Accounting, Legal, IT and other management support to ensure smooth operations.

  • Optimum will work based on the upfront plans presented by the client. You will be given an option to take over your set-up in a planned and predetermined fashion.

Your Investment

Our BOT cost is based on trust and transparency. It is straightforward. We work on a flexible pricing model that fits the client’s budget and needs.

It involves two costs: the Set up Cost and the Conversion Fee.
  1. Set-up cost. The actual cost in Designing, Building and Operating the Project plus a Management Fee.
  2. Conversion Fee. The Conversion Fee is assessed during the conclusion of the agreed term.

Business and Tax Compliance

As part of our continuing service to our clients, we can offer you Optimum's collective years of experience in finance and local government compliance and practices.

This service will be an integral supplement to your current finance department. You will have an on-demand online outsourced Controller, CFO or Finance & Tax Consultant with years of experience in dealing with the local government tax agencies.

This support package consists of:
  • On-demand technical advice and support for any finance related issues.

  • On-demand guidance on requirements and compliance with national and local government regulatory offices:
    Bureau of Internal Revenue
    Securities and Exchange Commission
    Business Permit and Licensing Office
    Department of Trade and Industry
    Social Security System
    Home Mutual Development Fund Office
    Philippine Health Insurance Office

In addition, it will also include:
  • Assistance in the preparation of required documents for filing and/or other reportorial requirements.

  • Attendance of important and critical meetings with the agencies mentioned above.

  • Support in payroll issues, subject to terms and conditions.

Captive Services

If you plan to grow your outsourced team, in the Philippines, to 100 or more employees, within a given time frame, you may want to consider setting up a Captive. The captive must have scale to attract the right talent, the best managers, and achieve the cost efficiency that you expect.

Optimum can provide you a Full-Service Captive Set-up, in the Philippines, from Company Formation to Complete Infrastructure set-up.

To assist you in optimizing your operations, we will provide the facilities, manpower, process, technology and other support services according to your specific requirements. These resources will be fully managed by your company.

Company Formation

Optimum can help you set-up a legitimate company in the Philippines. We will handle the Incorporation and registration of your company.

While incorporation is being done, we can also assist you in the construction and set-up of your office. This involves the facilitation of permits and licenses related to construction, the coordination with various vendors, suppliers, lessor, building administrators and local agencies. We can provide you the over-all supervision and assistance.

Incorporation and Registration:
  • Incorporation
  • Business Registration (with PEZA, BOI, BIR & Local Government)
  • Provision of Incorporators / Directors (per head)
  • National Government Fees (SEC, BOI, PEZA, BIR)
  • Local Government Fees Minimum Bank Deposit

Corporate Due Diligence

Our Optimum Audit Team ( CPAs and qualified professionals ) will work on the due diligence and authentication of company financials, credentials and requirements prior to your engagement in a contract or acquisition. The level of verification will depend on your instruction and level of approval.

Some of the documentation typically required during the preliminary and final due-diligence stages of a transaction would, among others, include:

Incorporation and Registration:
  • Financial Statements
  • Corporate Documentation
  • Employee & Management Documentation
  • Office, Facilities & Equipment
  • Environmental & Safety
  • Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights
  • Litigation & Governmental Investigation
  • Licenses & Permits
  • Material Contracts
  • Workers

Visa Processing (Philippines)

If you wish to assign your staff to the Philippines for a term longer than they are allowed to stay in the Philippines, we can advise and assist in processing their Work Permit/s.