Optimum Source, Inc. founded in 1998, is a premier service provider of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and High-End Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines.

Optimum has successfully helped run the operations of a number of foreign companies, including Fortune 500, FTSE 250, ASX and SMEs in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. By providing valuable support services, we give our clients solutions that allow them to maximize their assets and human resources.

We are very strong in building and developing high performing teams of Accountants, Financial Analysts, Programmers & IT Specialists, Business and Research Analysts, Telesales Executives, Translators, among others, with formal professional qualifications and actual industry experience. Our recruitment process is designed to achieve the highest possible standards in the most efficient manner using highly effective practices.
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The Optimum Advantage
Solution Design
At the start of any engagement, we at Optimum will take time to get to know your business, what makes it special, your pains and your growth plans. We will ensure that the solution that we will craft for you will fit into your company’s business goals and your culture. Our goal is to be your service partner for years to come and we will work with you in determining a managed service solution that makes sense for you & complements your internal team’s capabilities.

Quality & Productivity
Our team of consultants and experts are trained to provide excellent service at all times. At the start of our partnership, we will work with you in determining the Key Performance Indicators that you need to monitor for your business and ensure that these are communicated to the team assigned to you. Your KPIs will be theirs as well and our project managers will ensure that the team consistently provides the quality of work that you expect and deserve.

Transparency & Account Management
Courageous proactive communication is the key to a successful partnership and our consultants and project managers are experienced communicators that will inform you of any issues that may arise during our partnership at the most opportune time. We commit that we will be transparent with you and will work out with you any bumps that we may encounter along the way.

Cost Efficiency
We know that budget is always a challenge in this current economy and together with you, our account manager will craft a service agreement that is cost efficient for you in the long run. This will be done without sacrificing the quality and level of service that we will provide. We will always aim to come up with a win-win solution for you and for Optimum so that we can focus on delivering the kind of service that is worthy of your business.

Continuous Improvement
As our partner, you can expect that we at Optimum will consciously aim to be ahead of the game at all times by seeking for ways to improve and make our processes even more efficient than it is today. We will keep abreast with the latest in technology and apply the new ways that are applicable to your business. We will work with you in determining how else we can improve our service by consistently seeking for your feedback and adjusting our processes to be a relevant partner to you for years to come.
The Optimum Professionals
Our team members are fluent in English.

We have the capability to source multi-lingual professionals such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and others. Many are locals and some are foreign nationals living in the Philippines. We can help you process their local working permits. And we have assigned several multi-lingual candidates to clients.

We provide you with professional, results-oriented, and a practical approach for creation of value through outsourcing and business management consulting. Our understanding and ability to manage within these different services allow you substantially higher returns.

  • Expertise in managing offshore projects
  • Proven track record in building high-performing teams.
  • Vast knowledge and experience in Doing Business in the Philippines
  • Well versed in all aspects of Philippine Taxation and Business Law
  • Back-up facilities available for any unforeseen business interruptions
  • Redundant manpower to assist in cases of emergencies

Our business philosophy is to provide solutions to our Client's unique business demands. We accomplish our Client's goals with strict adherence to quality and performance standards. As a result, we earn our client's trust and we're able to sign long-term contracts with them.
Our Manpower Retention Rate is at 95.9%
We are able to successfully manage a minimal turnover rate because of our corporate culture. We create a productive work environment, provide obtainable career development and breed highly motivated employees.

In Optimum, we highly value our relationship with our staff. We give some of our employees the opportunity to travel to client sites and reward incentives for a job well done.
24x5 Operational Framework
Optimum works on a 24x5 operational framework, which allows our clients the great flexibility in service delivery. We have, in place, the latest in communications setup, updated technology systems and all our offices are located in buildings with 24-hour back-up power.
Optimum's Mission
Our Mission inspires us to do better each day.

  • To turn our clients' investment into their most valuable asset by providing them an unmatched and exceptional service experience.
  • To inspire creativity, greatness and to bring out the best in our people so they can inspire others.
  • To create a culture of service, achievement, encouragement and excellence.
  • To make a difference by supporting the people who are in need.
Why Outsource?
Corporations outsource various functions for all kinds of reasons. The most common reasons are to reduce and control operating costs, improve company focus, gain access to world-class talents, or free internal resources for other purposes. Business Process Outsourcing also provides start-up companies with a much quicker time to market.
The Filipino Workforce
Why the Philippines?
The answer is simple - quality manpower resources,
strategic business location.
World-class infrastructure and telecommunication services, strong government support, liberalized, business-friendly economy, hospitable lifestyle and unlimited business opportunities.

The Filipino workforce is one of the most compelling advantages the Philippines has over any other Asian country. With high education priority, the literacy rate in the country is 94.6% - with graduates that are IT-enabled, highly trainable, and English-proficient. Historical and cultural factors have also made Filipino workers generally receptive to western business practices and work standards.